Passion and Divine Calling

Welcome. You have finally arrived here and I am happy to walk the path with you now.

I am Tanja and I have spent most of the past 4 years on Crete. This is an Island in Greece also known as the Root Chakra of Europe. She – yes she is feminine – known as the graceful rugged beauty of the Mediterranean. This island has the tendency to heal us completely. Most people who come to stay here for a certain period of time find their way, their true calling and receive complete healing.

What is the magic of Crete? It is everything and nothing at the same time. It is an all in and all out at the same time type of life here, looking at the edge on one side, and a sea of possibilities on the other side.

Crete has itยดs mysterious way of tearing down your existing life structures at first, so that one has to start from scratch here again, at the bottom – from the Root Chakra, only to build everything up again. This time though, building all on a solid foundation. In Crete, what seems impossible at first can be absolutely no problem the next day.

The healing effect in Crete is extreme: inside and outside. This is why women who come to live here in Crete suddenly blossom to beauty and change dramatically. Most people who visit for more than just a short holiday, who dare to stay, and have a look around end up wanting to stay forever or at least keep their special connection with this island throughout their life. Crete has this certain mystical, inexplicable, deep power and attraction for women and tremendous healing power.

For me these 4 years were indeed that: a total fall at first, then a gradual build up to what I am now. It meant to let things come to me and to get to know me again from an entirely different side. The feminine, intuitive, mystical, sometimes inexplicable and highly vulnerable side.

I am thankful for this rugged and difficult road I had to pass as it made me now able to serve the world. From the bottom of my heart, I want to serve you with my special gift. Do take advantage of my offers, donยดt click over and try find something else. Why? Because your soul has found me for a reason.

Tarot readings are only one aspect that I offer and you can learn more by following my Instagram account.

This is the start of a wonderful journey for me serving to the world. Do you want to be part of it?

Love Tanja


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