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Easy wallet installation and tech free language.



You know what you are doing and you always remain in charge of your crypto. 



Become bulletproof and smell the scams from miles ahead! Remain safe. 



You are part of our community now. We are staying in touch even after the classes.

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You can’t waste more time and need to know asap how to handle crypto. In just 2 hours you will know how to buy and hold your own crypto.

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Ladies only group classes

Feel comfortable and secure with my ladies only group calls. All questions are welcome and I teach with a minimal amount of tech language

Security and wealth for women

Hi I am Tanja

In my teens I collected old coins and dreamed about being a trader at the New York stock market.


Now, what I thought would never be possible became true. I trade crypto and teach more women how to buy and manage their crypto.  


When I started, there was almost no information accessible and I just couldn’t figure out how I can buy Bitcoin. Therefore I am here today to explain it to women.


Why women? Women are especially vulnerable when it comes to money, finance and also self worth. I want to help women to understand these things better because I am incredibly passionate about them. I feel that women – after over 1000 years of being suppressed – are now starting to rise.


The divine feminine is back. And she might be interested in finance and crypto. 

Happy clients

How other women enjoyed my classes

 Crypto is the Wild West and Tanja has years of experience helping women empower themselves with the right tools to dispel fear, and navigate their own personal financial freedom. I have so much more confidence now having learned the fundamentals. The women’s perspective made it so much easier to understand too. Thank you Tanja for bringing women together from around the world to create a new system of abundance
Thank you Tanja for walking me through the process of understanding crypto currencies and getting my own wallet set up. I especially appreciated the lesson on staking and also value the ongoing community updates on Telegram. Without you, I wouldn't have started my NFT journey! Thank you for giving me the foundation to feel confident in this sphere.
Tanja is a great teacher! She will work with you wherever you are in your crypto journey. I started as a total beginner. She taught me how and where to buy Bitcoin and then how and where to store it or sell it. She really emphasized safety and how to make sure you don’t get scammed which is so important! I later took higher level classes too and learned how to evaluate and buy other coins and how to stake them to make a profit. I loved learning from Tanja because she was very patient with us and answered any questions we had. I highly recommend you take one or more of her classes if you want to learn about cryptos!
Val, USA
Tanja has a very deep and wide personal experience and first hand knowledge gained through an amazing interdisciplinary journey of financial, physical, mential and emotional health and well being. My experience with taking her “Crypto and the Divine Feminine” courses /group sessions enabled me to gain the confidence I needed to continue my journey with crytpo currencies, and, to deepen my relationship with myself, and how I relate on a deeper level to all the aspects of myself as a woman on planet earth living through the “great unveiling”. She is a grounded, compassionate gifted teacher and coach, and I highly recommend taking any of her courses!
Christine, USA

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