I worked for a menials hire only to learn, in dismay, that any wage I had asked, life would have paid

― Jessie B. Rittenhouse 

Warning. You are not here by accident. There are no coincidences in life. The  (co-) incident of you finding here is your soul guiding you. 

What is your frustration with money

Money always runs out? Money doesn’t want to come to you? Money is so hard to get? Money doesn’t grow on trees? Money just fucking sucks?

I believe the universe naturally guides us to our lessons and it certainly did guide me (and you) here. I was broke and broken – literally – when I had back surgery. The back symbolises stability and money too. I had to learn to look at what I was doing wrong. It was my salvation. 

I found out after embarking on an amazing journey about money that we are very much programmed by our past and family what we think about money. And what we think about anything will harden into fact and reflect in the outside. If we hate money, it will find a way NOT to come to us. 

It took me 4 years to profoundly understand that and become an endless student of the universal laws which I am teaching you now. 

Turn your frustration around – Reprogram your mind about money, value, self and more. 

Love, Tanja

Everything you want is already on its way to you

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