Give and you shall receive

“Give and you will be given”

Do you know this quote? I was wondering if that was really true and started to go on a 21 day quest of donating every day to see how my life would change. 

The first days turned out to be really difficult. People were rejecting the things I wanted to give. The little boy didn’t like the crisps I offered, my friends didn’t want the free book I wanted to give them. Also, it was challenging for me to find places to give something unless through direct contact. Little by little only I started to find tip boxes and collection boxes at supermarkets or shops for the needy, for children with cancer or donation boxes for students. That was great because a way to contribute as little as a few coins presented itself to me. It was a good start. 

Since the law of attraction tends to give you more of what you focus on, I gradually became aware of more ways to donate small amounts. The more I started to see them, the more possibilities popped up. 

Most people reject presents and donations

If you have read my book about money and the flow of money you probably already understand how we attract and reject the money flow by our own thoughts and actions. If we reject presents, we are telling the universe that we don’t want abundance in our life. It is like saying: “No, universe, I don’t want free stuff or money or things given to me. Stop giving me”. As a result the universe will correspond to your thoughts. 

I hate whenever somebody rejects and blocks the flow of abundance. It’s like this friend who never accepts an invite for a drink and who always wants to pay. This friend is nice and all but never capable of joyfully receiving a gift from you. On birthdays this friend tells you “you shouldn’t have” and overcompensates back. Or this friend says “I don’t want any presents” and turns around the entire game giving instead of receiving on her/his birthday and this blocking the universal flow of abundance. Do you have one of these friends too? Do you know what I mean? 

So, what to do about such friends? My 21 day challenge held up the mirror to me and paraded this problem in front of my eyes. I decided to take a drastic measure and cut out all the people form my life who didn’t accept a gift. 

How did I get to such a drastic conclusion? I had previously sent messages to former friends and asked them if they wanted a free book (Audible allows you to donate a book for free to a friend who has never tried Audible before). Strangely, most of them declined. Which made me decide to cut them out. That was a big step to take, courageous and controversial. Is it ethical to cut out the people that don’t support you and your vibration and don’t accept the flow of abundance?  I think it is, because you have to look after yourself and surround yourself with people who elevate you and support you. The others – even if you get along and like them – will tear you down eventually. Sad but true. 

After 21 days I started to give more. Sometimes I donated twice a day if a possibility presented itself. A large tip at the cafe, more coins for the collection for sick children or the homeless dogs and BAT contributions. Suddenly, more money came in to my life. More presents from others and more discounts started to flow into my life. 

I kept giving where it was wanted and focusing more on where it was needed. After a while donating became automatic for me. A trip to the Supermarket now always includes a contribution. 

At the counter of a supermarket a little boy turned me to tears a few weeks ago. I began to think about donating more and thus attracted such situations. One afternoon I felt the usual “Hm, where can I donate something today?” When we went to the supermarket to get a few things. A mother and her little boy queued in front of us with just 2 items. Some juice and sweets. When the mother wanted to pay and swiped the card, the teller said the transaction wouldn’t go through. They couldn’t make the purchase. The little boy started to cry and scream. I reacted immediately and said “I’ll pay”. The boy stopped and the mother thanked me. I felt like in heaven. The mere act of doing this and being capable to do this elevated me into new heights of vibration. Tears welled up in my eyes and I felt like I was flying. High above the earth, on another level of vibration. 


Let the money flow in!

Around the 15th day the first money came in. I noticed money stopped running out of my account. I received unexpected refunds and discounts. Or bills disappeared. Earlier, I had purchased a 7 dollar product which I asked a refund for from a person known not giving any refunds. Through Paypal tough I made it happen thanks to my unshakeable thoughts attracting the right vibration to support me. I just had an unshakeable trust and believed that I would receive this money back. I wrote it down as refund in my ledger and a few days later I got refunded the 7 dollars. 

After 21 days of forming the habit I continued until I hit 30 days. After that, I didn’t need to write down my contributions anymore. Opportunities just presented themselves because I was tuned into the vibration. Also, it truly became part of a daily routine to give a little something.  

I started to donate through Brave Browser too which has a program running on the cryptocurrency BAT = Basic Attention Token. With Brave you can send and receive BAT and also get paid for watching ads. 

The Conclusion

Give and you will get back manyfold holds true if you can give from a point of joy and happiness. Never because you expect something in return. 

And you will be absolutely amazed by the echo of the universe. 

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