Money has nothing to do with luck! 

Welcome I am Tanja and am happy you lead yourself here! 

I was born to lead people into the new world. In the new world we will have new money, new belief systems, a new consciousness and the understanding that we create everything around us. 

Let’s start with the new money first! Money has nothing to do with luck. In fact nothing in our life is “luck” because we create it. We constantly create our life. It’s all about the design and you have the power to change it. 

I decided this on New Years Eve 2017. Sick of running out of money, I promised something to myself – I was no longer going to accept this situation for myself! 

And so the new reality started to take shape in my life

For one year all I did was reading financial books, listening to Youtubers, podcasts, going to finance fairs and connect to others. I read over 50 books in that one year only and started to look for ways to invest for my own financial future. It lead me to a profound insight and the solution of my problem!

My conclusion is that there are 2 sides when it comes to money.

  •  I need to know how to manage and retain money and
  •  Money is directly reflecting mselflove

I am inviting you to discover the 2 sides of money the energetic and the technical aspect! 

Love, Tanja

Money is in direct proportion to your self-love -- Joe Vitale