Money is in direct proportion to your self-love Joe Vitale

Welcome. I am Tanja. This picture was taken in a place I never dreamed of living but spend 1 year in. If you had told me just a few weeks prior that I was going to live there, I would have declared you crazy.

Life IS crazy sometimes. And it is supposed to be so. We are lead by it to the right places and people to lean and grow. The universe guides you directly to your souls lessons.

Let’s start with money first! I was lead to be completely broke – and with a broken back – so I could learn how to understand, make and retain money. The universe had lead me to poverty so I would learn my lessons.

Once I had accepted where I was and what I had to do,  my new reality started to take shape in my life. Things started to change.

For one year all I did was reading financial books, listening to Youtubers, podcasts, going to finance fairs and connect to others. I read over 50 books in that one year only and started to look for ways to invest for my own financial future. A whole new world opened up! There are many other women in finance! I can learn how Crypto works. I know how to stand infront of you, and say

 “I love money, and I want money”. Why? Because I love myself and I take full responsibility for myself. 

That was 4 years ago. Now, where am I? I am teaching others about money. About Crypto and about the fact that it is all interconnected. You cannot be rich by tomorrow by not changing yourself or by not loving yourself.

It all starts with you. Are you ready to step up?

Love, Tanja