Let´s let the miracles in!​

I am Tanja and have spent most of the past 4 years on Crete. This is a graceful, rugged island in Greece sometimes called the Root Chakra of Europe.

What is the magic of Crete?

Crete has the tendency to bring us healing. Most people who come to stay here for a certain period of time find their true calling and receive healing.

What is Crete? It is everything and nothing at the same time. Crete has it´s mysterious way of tearing down everything that has not been built on stable foundations at first, so that one has to start from the bottom again – the Root Chakra. This time though, building all on a solid foundation. Yes, it is healing in disguise.

During these 4 years I had the privilege to undergo a complete transformation and with every year I rose up more to become the woman I am designed to be. Today, I am happy to include my feminine, intuitive, sometimes mysterious side into my life and into my square and rather nerdy personality. It´s all about the balance and that is what Crete taught me:

– We can be spiritual AND into money at the same time. Because we do live in a tangible world.

– We can have more than just one passion: we can have many passions and interests at the same time. We can be good in doing several non related things in life.

Now, how can you benefit from my experiences? 

I help women to attract money and love in their life by teaching the different spiritual tools. Additionally, I create Podcasts and YouTube videos for you to support them with their personal visualizations and affirmations. Have a look at my Anchor Profile for a free treat below:


If we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change - Wayne dyer