Get Ready For The Greatest Shift Of All Times!​

My dear aquarian age sister! 

Welcome. I’m so glad you led yourself here, to your new financial future. Let me show you that money has nothing to do with luck. It’s about your own vibration. And about knowledge, too. 

Sick of running out of money, I promised something to myself on New Years Eve 2017: I was no longer going to accept this situation for myself! 

Little did I know that my entire life was about to change!

For one year I stuck to reading financial books, listening to Youtubers, podcasts and I  started going to finance fairs and connect. I read over 50 books in that one year only and started to look for ways to invest for my own financial future. Result: I started investing and turned fly life upside down! 

My conclusion is that there are 2 parts of the story. We need to know how to manage and retain money and also that money is about your mindset. Money is energy which is being exchanged. And it too operates on frequency levels. 

We are capable of so much more than what we think. But we limit ourself with our thoughts. 

Focussed on transformation my life has always been changing and this is what I am assisting you in: Transformation to a new system. Financially, socially, environmentally and mentally. 

It all starts from your mind, by simply imagining it and by dreaming your way here. Let’s get started!

Love, Tanja

Money is in direct proportion to your self-love -- Joe Vitale