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In service for women

I’ve always been fascinated by the stock market, by coins and currencies and foreign countries. So, it is not a coincidence that I discovered Crypto for myself.

But not all was smooth sailing of course. Actually, almost none of it. I had to experience lack of money several times in my life to get to work on it. To study, to stick to it, to improve myself and understand how money works. And as with so many things I had to hit rock bottom first to realise that I had to take charge of my money. I am responsible for it myself and I am at fault if I lose it all. 

Life pushed me to work through many challenges. Old soul contracts, family ties, ancestral chains, negative beliefs, health problems and all sorts of limitations. I built a whole support team around me to help me work through these. You can get to know these teachers here in my Youtube series.  I portrait women from all over the world talking about our big challenges. With that I truly wish to assist whoever is also trying to overcome hard things in life. Because I have lived through these challenges myself and  I know how you feel sister. 

For example, I didn’t know how to buy Bitcoin when I first heard of it. Neither when I heard it for the second time. It was very difficult back then to get advice and it took me years to finally get my hands on Bitcoin.

So, I know how you feel and why you are here. And this is  my big motivation.


I want every woman on the planet to get the help they seek. 


Study online with me via zoom on your own as my VIP or in my ladies only groups: 

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