Let´s let the miracles in!​

I am Tanja and I have a special connection to Crete. This is a graceful, rugged island in Greece sometimes called the Root Chakra of Europe. Crete has the tendency to bring us healing. Most people who come to stay here for a certain period of time find their true calling and receive healing.

What is Crete? It is everything and nothing at the same time. Crete has it´s mysterious way of tearing down everything that has not been built on stable foundations at first, so that one has to start from the bottom again – the Root Chakra. This time though, building all on a solid foundation. Yes, it is healing in disguise.

During the past 5 years here I had the privilege to undergo a complete transformation and with every year I rose up more to become the woman I am designed to be. Today, I am happy to include my feminine, intuitive, sometimes mysterious side into my life and into my square and rather nerdy personality. It´s all about the balance and that is what Crete taught me:

-> We need to be spiritual AND into money at the same time. Because we do live in a tangible world but abide by the universal laws.

Now, how can you benefit from my experiences? 

I help women to attract money and love in their life by teaching the different spiritual tools. Additionally, I create Podcasts and YouTube videos for you to support them with their personal visualizations and affirmations. Have a look at my Anchor Profile for a free treat below

If we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change - Wayne dyer