Be your own bank!

Take Part in the biggest wealth transformation of all times

In 2016 I had heard about Bitcoin often enough that I was ready to buy. So there I was, trying to master this on my own, understand this new “Internet Money”. Sadly, this was so complicated for me that I couldn’t manage. Bitcoin was around 300 Dollars back then and I never went back to trying until… the historic all time high of 2017 occurred. 

Well,  it felt like I had missed the boat. And I want to make sure that other awesome women are not going to miss the boat like I did in 2016.


Today, we are over 4  years later, and I have lots of knowledge to share with you. Knowledge accumulated on Ivan on Tech Crypto Academy and in thousands of self-study hours following the markets every single day. 

To solve my own problem, I started offering my assistance to buy Bitcoin in 2019.  In my webinars I focus on us aquarian age women to connect and help each other to step into our power. 

Own Bitcoin today!

The aquarian age woman steps into her power

My live webinars are: 

  • for women only 
  • for total beginners
  • private and not recorded
  • for giving you the maximum support you need to get started
  • protecting you from scams
  • giving you the tools to buy yourself and be responsible for yourself

Want to do all yourself? No problem! Get my book on the right.

*  I am not a financial advisor and I cannot take responsibility in your life. You are solely responsible for your own decisions. If you are successful, it is your responsibility. If you are unsuccessful, it is also your responsibility. I NEVER hold any assets for anyone else. Instead I empower you to hold your crypto yourself and be your own bank.