Just start!

A small step can completely change your life   Everything starts with a small step. The first step forward.  Had I not taken this step back in 2017, I would not stand here right now. I started taking action. I made a promise to myself and followed through.  When I started to invest in 2018 I …

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Manage Your Money Series 5

Overcome your fears Anything unknown produces fear. Anything, that takes us out of our comfort zone makes us start to sweat. Investing my first 100 EUR made my heart racing. I still remember it clearly today. My heart was pounding, I felt my heartbeat up until my throat!!! OMG! I invested 100 EUR in P2P …

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Manage your Money Series 4

Part 4: Start small A recommendation that is valid for everything and everyone, including myself. I started with an investment of 100 EUR on a lending platform. Within the platform, I divided my money into 10 EUR slices per investment. Thats right. 10 EUR each. Each investment only made a few cents for every lending …

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