Climb up to a millionaire mindset

Financial success has levels. Have you ever seen a homeless person go to millionaire over night? This only happens in movies or fairy tales. They make you believe somebody will “save you” or that money comes to the “good” person. Yes.. you just have to be super-good and “nice” then money will come. 

Lies, lies, lies! Financial success has to be worked for. We climb up the latter, step by step, one by one. We have to move up levels. 

There are the following levels:

  • Level 1: You are homeless in the street, no money at all 0 EUR/CHF
  • Level 2: You work very hard and have some money, a place to live, but it’s never enough, you are in dept, you can’t even pay the bills every month from your salary. (a few hundred Euros/Dollars a month)
  • Level 3: You are in middle class, you work very hard, you can pay basic bills, have some extra for buying things on sale, clothes on sale. Sometimes you can go on a low cost holiday. 2000-5000 EUR/USD, depending on the country.
  • Level 4: You make/earn several thousands a month, you have freedom, nice things, a beautiful home, you wear nice clothes, you can go to premium resort vacations. You can fly business class if you want. Up to 10.000 EUR/USD a month.
  • Level 5: You are very successful, can have a nice life, nice home, all you want and need. You make more than 10.000EUR/USD a month (10-30 a, 30-60 b, 60-99c) 
  • Level 6: You are already the president/king and make 100.000 EUR/USD or more every month

If you are in level 1 now, you will look for ways to go to level 2. Then to level 3, then to level 4. From level 4 you will look to climb up level 5 etc.. Most people who are on level 1 or 2 dream of being on level 6 immediately, without any effort, no work and scarifies. Sadly, thats not how it works, no matter how much you dream. I know you will say that people do win in the lottery. Yes, they do. But they have not learned about money and most of the time, they just spend it all and are back to where they were within a few years. 

Financial success is like a staircase or a ladder. You have to climb one step after another. 

Now look around you and check on which level the people around you are. First, on which level are you? Then check where your friends and family are. Are they a level below you? Then you should think of finding friends who are a level above you or at least at your level. Ask them how they climbed the ladder, check which rich people you know and how they reached their level 5/6. 

Also, adjust your own life to move up more easily. If you are on level 4 and hang out with people on level 2, that does bring problems and challenges. We all vibrate at a certain frequency. It is the same around money. We vibrate at a level, a financial level. Therefore if you stay in the area where the poor people live, the frequency will ultimately affect you and drag you down. If you share an apartment with somebody who has no money, it will affect you. If you live next to a poor person, their frequency will affect you. Before you know, you will take care of their dog/children/wash their clothes/clean their house.. solve their problems. 

I know of people who moved up the level by simply moving to the rich part of town. Or spending time there as a start. You can go to the 5 star hotels and drink something in the lobby. Go to the fancy restaurants and nice shops. Even if you don’t buy anything, just be around this energy. That is a great start. And avoid the low level frequency. 

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