The secrets to cryptocurrencies

Welcome to the crypto ladies club

My crypto classes

Who are they for?
What is in the program?

What will
you learn?

Money in this day and age – our system.

What is a blockchain and how does it operate. 

What is a ledger, a node and all that gibberish

What is a wallet and why you need one.

We chose a wallet for us and install it together.

You will learn how to write down your passwords and seed phrases and store them correctly.

You will get to know a few different ways to get your hands on crypto. 

What are altcoins and why buy them or why not? 

What are the benefits and dangers about altcoins? 

We will learn about staking and how to grow your crypto portfolio.

Why decentralised and what it offers

Which ones are privacy coins and why can they be useful or not. 

When do you own your crypto and when not

What to pay attention to

Examples of scams


My main focus

Security online, scams, password management

What others say

Thank you Tanja for walking me through the process of understanding crypto currencies and getting my own wallet set up. I especially appreciated the lesson on staking and also value the ongoing community updates on Telegram. Without you, I wouldn't have started my NFT journey! Thank you for giving me the foundation to feel confident in this sphere.
Tanja introduced me to the world of cryptocurrencies in a very educational and fun way. Without her crypto-calls I wouldn’t have been able to trade and store my assets in a safe way, which I can today. I also got to connect with other freedom-loving women around the world through her group which was inspiring. Tanja is an amazing teacher with lots of great knowledge of cryptocurrencies, trading and the financial market.
Martina, Sweden


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