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Confusing Dating Game?

  • Are you done with men?
  • Done with heartache?
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What if I told you that this whole dating thing could be super easy? What if I told you that men are actually very simple creatures?

Becoming a Dating coach, helping others off and online and watching my own behavior throughout many years made me a true “Man-Understander. I can smell if the pies is off from a far distance.

On the way there, I read countless books, group administrated for several years and made countles self-experiments to become a Dating Coach.

Dating is fun and easy if you know the basics! Get my reading list and start understanding men!

Let´s crack the man code together!

I know, you probably think that I am crazy and that its not possible. However, I will let you in on a secret: Things are actually pretty simple.

Men are wired differently than women and it is our job to collect knowledge, get ready for Mr Right, take charge of our life, become the partner we ultimately want to become.

On top of my book list, I have put together a package for you who is just starting out. It includes all beginner knowledge that you could ever think of and some rare insight.

I put this together to help you go your path. After learning all this you should not need a coach anymore! 

Don´t know where you stand with him?

Hi, I am Tanja and I have been a Rules® Dating Coach for several years already.

After having read The Rules and I never had to experience heartache again. I now see right through the tricks and I´m never getting played anymore.

This is more than just about dating, it´s a life philosophy and transformed me into a better person.

Do you want to know where you stand with your current boyfriend?

Certain things are tricky to know in the beginning. When you are right inside the relationship, its hard to see the wood before the trees. 

In a private consultation I will tell you immediately where you stand, where the relationship is heading and what you need to improve immediately so you find yourself be treated like a queen!

Don´t waste your time dove!

We want dates, not penpals.

Knowing how men work has made my life so much easier. Dating is now fun and easy.

The Rules transformed my life for the better.

Don´t waste your time dove!

We rules girls don´t like to waste time.

Therefore it is better to get a consultation early instead of wasting precious time with Mr. Wrong.

Are you already in a relationship and you are unsure? Ask me for a private consultation.

When one door closes, a new door opens.