I don’t like money but I need it. Where do I start?

Dear Money: I hate you but I need you. Please show up in large quantities!

My dear reader. If you were money and I told you I hated you, would you show up? Certainly not! But this is the frequency that many people radiate at when it comes to money.  Of course not you, that is why you are here. 

Reading Jen Sinceros book “You are a badass at making money”  she examines our deepest beliefs about money. Citing Jen Sincero leads me to my first tip to change your finances: Start to gather information. 

What can you do to change your frequency, your mindset about money and just get this thing goin into a more positive direction? The easiest thing is to start studying. 


When I started my money journey in January 2018 I started to read. That was the easiest and most effortless thing I could possibly do. The beauty of reading is that we don’t need to leave the house or ask anybody elses support for it.

I put together a list of all the books I read about money so far. I keep adding new titles there and sometimes I make reviews. Reading in an investment into your future. What you read will stick to your mind. It will make you think and start to set you off to a new amazing track.

Find speakers and bloggers on Youtube

Many financial bloggers use Youtube to give their knowledge and value. Take advantage of it. It is FREE content. Absolutely free. In my resources page I am offering you a range of links to useful channels that helped me in various topics.

Allow it time and start to shift your mindset. Start reading a few books, follow Youtubers and listen to successful speakers you resonate with. There is no need to spend large amounts of money for courses and coaches. Yes, I say that although I offer coaching myself.

My goal is not to try and convince you to buy my product. I come from an entirely different angle. My goal is to set you off a path to think for yourself. I provide you the best tools I possibly know and the ones that helped me. You might come across other helpful things I didn’t know. If so by all means use them.

Do you want to upgrade your money and your life?

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