I love money and money loves me!

Not many people think like this or believe it could be true. And what most of them do when I say these words: “That’s outrageous”

Well, why is it so outrageous? We are human beings on this planet with a physical experience and supposed to get anything we can put our minds on. “Whatever the mind can conceive, we can achieve” said Napoleon Hill in his book “Think and Grow Rich”.

And it is true. Before we are able to create anything, we need to first create it in our head. Only then we can proceed to make it visible in the outside. Anything we see in the outside world was once just a thought. Every invention, every building, every structure. Isn’t that amazing?

With money, it’s the same. Whatever I believe is true in my head, will and has manifested outside already.  Before I knew all this, I thought all kinds of silly things: “Its the others, not me”, “I am not worthy”, “Money always runs out”.. and many more negative beliefs.

It was not possible to attract what I want or even money alone! Of course not with this mentality. 

I was blocking money from myself! Also, I didn’t even know how to enjoy my money. No matter how much I made and had in my bank account. I could not enjoy getting something for myself and just loving the act of doing this. 

Not knowing how to enjoy money is very sad, don’t you think?

What did I do? I started to work on myself. I took courses and read many many books. Then I found podcasts and Youtube channels talking about the same. Heaven! I couldn’t stop learning anymore. And I started to apply my knowledge. This set off my investing career switching over to the I quadrant. Don’t know what the I-quadrant is? Listen to Robert Kiyosaki and get his book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”

To start off with working on your energy around money, reading is good but even better are Bob Proctors videos and the money marathon course by Natalia

And one of the best AND CHEAPEST!! money course I have done so far in my quest to becoming rich was the “Money Marathon”. It will start again soon, Natalia told me. If you want a first free session, click here and listen to Natalias first lesson. 

The reason I write this here is really that: The cheapest money course has brought me most results. 

So when ou just start ow I recommend first loving yourself and accepting

Start with the first 3 steps: 
1) Get clear on what you want
2) Accept the possibility of you getting it. How does it feel? Stay in this feeling for a bit.  
3) Then take the first step towards it!

Enjoy! Enjoy your ability to create anything you want!


Want to level up financially?