How to use Instagram as your main marketing tool

Better late than never: How my 30 day challenge became a completely new anchor in life


Instagram has been around for a while, but I only started giving it credit this year. And with this my life took amazing turns with the integration of a single app.

I decided to use Instagram and made my own 30 day trial.  A “30 day challenge” usually helps me to integrate a new habit and to really become an insider into a new topic. I do this quite often, sometimes I do a 30 day raw food quest to give myself a boost or simply to lose 1-2 kilos.

30 day challenges are amazingly simple!

How so?

  • The length is clear form the start, I am less likely to drop my undertaking after a few days.
  • The rules of my challenge are made by myself, so I can be lenient or tough
  • A 30 day challenge delivers an immediate outcome
  • I am effortlessly learning new skills along the way. A great side effect
  • My required action is clear from the start, I know what I have to expect.

So, my new habit integrated nicely, easily and soon I was hooked on his app. I discovered people with millions of followers like Gary V and learned about branding in 2018. Something new for me who has not focused any energy on marketing before in my life. But Instagram, or lets call it “IG” like they do everywhere, seemed to be something completely different to what I thought it was.

I thought Instagram was an app for pictures.

Yes, so I really thought this Instagram thing was just for uploading pictures and I found it boring. Then I gave it a try. And uploaded stuff. With my old cheap phone, this was not so easy, but I managed. Then I uploaded more. And more. People miraculously found me and started to like my pictures, follow me and comment.

This was new. I didn´t know what to do about it. Or what it meant. I continued and soon I started to listen to some Instagram Gurus on Youtube.

All the information you need is out there. You just need to take it in.

Wow. Everything I didn´t know was there. And I started to listen to these different Youtubers. They had Instagram agencies. Until that point, I hadn´t even know that this existed. Hungrily, I watched one video after another. From people who had thousands of followers. And I tried out what they told me.

It worked. My followers grew and my knowledge too.

Using Instagram seems natural and easy for me today. But back then, in spring 2018 it didn’t at all. Creating stories was new to me, to be honest, I didn’t even know what a story was!

After only one month I had the crazy idea to write a book about Instagram

What I started to like about Instagram was the simplicity and that I improved my knowledge about graphics. So far, graphics had really scared me off. Just the name and my catastrophic trials with gimp back in the days when I had hired somebody to build my own website… No, I was definitely not made to use such complicated tools. But Instagram makes things easy. And Canva which I now use to make some of the posts. Instagram has helped me to approach graphic design with ease and improve my knowledge step by step.

This thing is more than I thought possible

Instagram is amazing. Its vastness is more than I had ever thought possible. Also it´s possibilities. Nowadays many people live off IG. They have built Instagram agencies who take care of other peoples or large brands profiles. Or they become “Influencers”. Such people have a large amount of followers and therefore they can do marketing for large brands who pay them to do this. IG offers awesome new possibilities.

The cubicle life now definitely belongs to the past!

Have you worked in a cubicle? Those days are gone I believe. There are still many companies who have to be location dependent but today more and more of these jobs are done by remote workers or simply by machines. I was once trained to be a ticketing agent. That is a job which is now mostly done by a machine. Ticketing Agensts work for airlines or large tour-operators and issue the tickets. Today, they are only needed when you change flights or reroute, refund something or want to buy a complicated ticket like a round the world ticket.


Suddenly, I became an Instagram Geek. It was time to get modern and to do what “everybody else does”. Much to my surprise, I found out that Instagram was not just a tool for pictures. Au contraire madame!!

Today´s possibilities thanks to technology are amazing: with any mobile phone you can instantly design stories for your customers, share pictures and draw traffic to your website, even make money without really selling anything.

Instagram is more personal. I can reach my follower directly and I can see who watched my stories

Also, IG is personal. I have the feeling that I can reach my followers personally when I wave into the camera. I can see who watched my stories on Instagram and I can contact them directly, In case I have a personal offer to them. This brings entirely new opportunities to me.

Looking back I have learned how to present my offers in an easy way, I have learned to do live streaming, learned to offer value in a simple way. I think I grew substantially by using Instagram.


Do you want to learn how to use Instagram for your spiritual business?

Its super easy and anybody can use it. Quick, dont miss this opportunity, because Instagram is moving forward fast.


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