Just start!

A small step can completely change your life


Everything starts with a small step. The first step forward. 

Had I not taken this step back in 2017, I would not stand here right now. I started taking action. I made a promise to myself and followed through. 

When I started to invest in 2018 I put 100 EUR into my first thing. That was it. I had a 100EUR portfolio and I kept  reading my books, studying and learning more. 

That was my first step.The 100EUR seem meaningless now but they were the most important 100EUR ever. Why? 

Because once we change, everything changes. Once I took the first step the rest followed: I continued. I invested more in a different portfolio. And then a different asset. And I kept studying. 

Today, over 3 years later I am at a completely different place. I would never have thought that back then. 

Amazing new opportunities opened up, amazing new people and topics came into my life. I even relocated and live in a completely different place now. I changed my work too and am now able to help others with financial education. 


Once we change, everything around us changes:

We radiate a different vibration. That means we are sending out a new message to the universe. That in return attracts other people and circumstances. Which again attracts new results, encounters. 

Let’s go and start your new life!