Manage your Money Series 3

Part 3: What is money and why don’t I have any of it?

The moment I set off my journey in January 2018, I was not broke. I was far from it. In fact, I had my bags filled like never before in my life and I was making more than ever in my entire working life. But I knew it was temporary and as soon as the paycheck stopped coming I would worry again. 

So despite the full bank account, I had the feeling of not having enough and the knowing that my bags would be empty again within several months or a year. After all, we need money to live and survive, even if we are very frugal. And THIS was my problem. 

There were some things that felt “not quite right”. On the one hand, my frugal lifestyle consisted of the virtue of NOT spending. I didn’t buy any unnecessary things and felt it was unheard of sitting in the cafe just for fun. And that mindset made me feel smaller and smaller. I contracted, instead of expanded.

My soul contracted instead of expanding!


Keep your expenses low, but by all means, don’t become a small person

In summer 2018, about halfway through my “2018 finance book marathon” I became aware of my own limiting beliefs. What a fool I had been to believe that I didn’t have them. We all have them. Wether we are aware or not aware of them. And here I was, finally becoming a ware of them.

So many women before me had been there and all of a sudden I realized: There ARE other women in finance. There are other women in personal development and many of them did write amazing books from which I could learn.

The one I definitely recommend above all is Lois Frankel. Her books geared at todays working woman are a fabulous resource and trick-collection when it comes to women and their limiting beliefs. 

Not only Lois Frankel, but also others are amazing sources of knowledge. For example Jen Sincero.


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