Manage Your Money Series 5

Overcome your fears

Anything unknown produces fear. Anything, that takes us out of our comfort zone makes us start to sweat.

Investing my first 100 EUR made my heart racing. I still remember it clearly today. My heart was pounding, I felt my heartbeat up until my throat!!! OMG! I invested 100 EUR in P2P credit loans, each loan split into 10 EUR. So practically we are not really talking of much skin in the game. But because it was my first time, I was anxious.

What happened? I learned how the thing works quickly. Once I understood the system and saw how my money even grew thanks to the return they give, I felt more at ease. After a while I felt more comfortable to invest more and tackle other investment possibilities. I grew very much from this.

Fear is not real, but danger is!

Fear of losing all was there. But the danger was rather small in the (extremely conservative) way I invested. I am not saying there is no danger in investing into P2P credit platforms, who knows they can go bust too or the currency collapses. (so never invest more than you are ok with to lose) After one year of using the platform, I became so confident that I had enough guts to move to the next thing.

What was the benefit from me to jump and overcome my fear?

The reward was and still is huge. Looking back, I can see that I grew so much from this. And from there one can only grow. Only this little thrill will bring you further. I took quantum leaps during one single year and set off to a journey to completely transform myself. And you can do this too, if you just start.

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