Opting out of social media 1

On June 13th 2020 I decided something big: I decided to drop out of ALL big tech companies which (so it is known) track you, collect your data and sell it to other companies.

I now declare Discover Your Feminine Power as swamp free territory.. Well not quite yet, it does take a while to do so. And it required some work I had to find out.

Stage one: considering it

First, there was a thought. Along with it came another thought and more thinking. My conclusion was to delete Facebook first. After I had done it, more came along.

Stage two: starting to do it for real


First, I deleted my Facebook account. Ever since, I saved myself so much time! It is nice to actually get work done when there is no distraction. But that holds true for anything right? Facebook does provide info about how to either take a break or permanently delete your account. I wonder: Do they keep your data?

Along with Facebook comes Instagram because the company also belongs to Facebook. This is much easier to delete it. I deleted my main account immediately. BTW did you notice that you can now not see any content on Facebook or Instagram unless you are logged in? Makes you think..


I never really paid attention to it much and only recently logged in again after what had felt 10 years. I was also amazed that Twitter was still around today. And so popular. So basically Twitter also makes it difficult to permanently delete your profile. The only option you have is to “deactivate” your account. Some investigations I made and articles I read helped me to do so, but apparently there is no way to delete your account. Apparently after 30 days, if you don’t claim your username, the account is being deleted. But that’s my wild guess. I will never know because – as always with large companies – they make it extremely hard to contact them by email and ask questions.


That one depends on your usage. If you never had an account, it is easy. For my terms, I simply emailed customer service and asked about the procedure. They promptly replied (yes, they are pretty good at that) and told me what I needed to do. I took down my books and uploaded them on LBRY. My stuff is now available on an uncensored platform and the tokens I earn belong to me. I can make the price cheaper and I dont need to give 30% plus another 30% of my earnings to Amazon.

Just to make it clear for people who believe that Amazon authors get rich from publishing kindle books: Of one 99 cent book I make less than 30 cents, and of course I also have to pay income tax on that. This system only makes one party rich: Amazon. LBRY – on the other hand – lets you download your content, so once you bought it, its yours to keep. LBRY also lets you download any content that is on the platform.

So the Amazon story will be a hard one and take some more time. Remember to delete your affiliate accounts, your buyer accounts AND your audible accounts.

What happens to the books you bought during your “relationship” with Amazon? I will have to find out and report about this in my second post, once I know what the new reality “Post-Amazon” will be like.


Google is a monster. Even tough I had been somewhat careful, there is so much to change. With every Google email address come a load of other products. The drive, google maps, blogger, calendar, photos, Youtube (better alternative btw is Bitchute.com and LBRY which even pays you to participate. And also D-Tube. Oh my. So much to delete. I was flabbergasted. It would take more time to get rid of this..

What steps can you undertake already now?

  • Email – opt for more privacy focussed providers such as Protonmail
  • Youtube: Alternatives now pup up left and right. LBRY, Bitchute, D-Tube and more
  • Blogger: Just get a real website or weebly/wordpress for free options.
  • So i am currently still trying to find solutions to the “Google-Issue” and will report more in the second post.
  • Google Analytics: This website is now Google analytics FREE! Check it with Brave Browser. Do you know Brave Browser? It is private, blocks tracking traffic easily and also pays you for watching ads.

Stage three: New life begins

To be continued….

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