Love Your Money – Love Yourself

Do you sometimes wonder why some people are wealthy and some are poor? I can tell you how I found the answer to this question.

Before 2017 I was really struggling with money. I always ran out of money. This pattern repeated itself year after year although I had a high paying job. But I just couldn’t figure out why that happened. I was so fed up with this and I no longer wanted to accept that as my reality.

So I made a promise to myself. On new years eve of 2017 I decided that I would read and study all I could about money for one whole year. I was so determined to changing that I did it. For one whole years I studied about money, learned what I can do. I would read listen and learn only about money. About investing and retaining money. I started to go to finance fairs and connected with other women in the space.

This one year turned into 6 years meanwhile.. Wow, I am surprised myself about that. The results are beyond anything I could have imagined. My entire life has transformed since, my work changed, my finances have changed and my social environment has also changed. My friend circle has changed. And I even relocated to a new and beautiful place. I can honestly say it was worth it.

It was a struggle, especially during the second year. Despite all the odds and all problems I had financially, I continued studying, I took crypto classes, read and listened to so many books about finance. I remember very well that I listened to the crypto news every morning when I was writing my book about it in spring 2019. I didn’t have money for rent so I stayed with a friend in Crete. And I did it. I wrote my book which you can get here on Amazon. It even became a bestseller for a short period of time.

During that year I learned an important first thing about money. It has 2 sides. First we need to understand what money is, how to invest, earn, retain it. – Technical things. That can be learned in course, at school, etc.. And then there is the equally important spiritual aspect of money. The internal part, our beliefs. Most of us struggle with deep limiting beliefs. They stop us out and run our lives from the unconscious mind. Not only the money related beliefs of course. For example money is evil, rich people are greedy, bad..

I believe that our capability of making money much bigger than we thing we can. Only we limit ourself. And that holds true in all aspects. The only person who limits ourself is us. The energy we send out only reflects our inside.

Money is in direct proportion to what we radiate inside and money follows the universal laws .. as above so below as within so without. I know that with certainty because I trade and I look at charts every day. The fibonacci sequence is used in trading. Why? because it reflects the market movements and it also stems from the universal laws. It is a mathematical construction of nature:

If we have too many limiting beliefs we are going to see this limitations in the outside. I am sure many of you have already gotten to this conclusion and so many people outside already teach these laws.

And there is more to the story especially for women. As I continued my journey in 2019 and 2020 I began to understand the game in a whole deeper level. So not only do we get stopped out by our limiting beleifs about money but women also get burned out by trying to make it the masculine way? Have you been trying to make money by struggling and chasing money? By forcing it to come through hard work? Do you find it hard to make money? Do you feel tired all the time chasing money? You lack time to rest. Feminine self care is so important for women. It is needed so we stay in our feminine energy, we stay being women. So she can feel and look like a woman. So she can cherish herself and celebrate the moment with herself.

Don’t you sometimes wish to just relax and let money flow into your life? Like a river where money flows through you? Or do you secretly with for a money closed that refills itself? Does that feel far fetched or crazy?

Guess what there is another way of attracting money if you are a woman. The feminine way. The feminine essence is receiving. It is about the process of being connected and allowing yourself to receive or doing collaboration in a team allowing to receive. Because receiving is a natural feminine way of being.

Of course we also need to do something. Its not just lying on the couch and doing nothing. But women have a different way of approaching something. We must love what we do and try to make a difference. Then take inspired action.

If you look at an apple tree, it does work and make apples. But the process is not “hard work” for the apple tree. It just is. It just produced what it is here to produce. “Hard work” would be if the apple tree tried to grow mangoes. It would need all effort to produce maybe one tiny sour mango. Then be exhausted by all this work and die. That is not the way we are supposed to “work” and live I think.

Creating something and being in the flow takes connectedness for women. It takes trust, self-care, knowing yourself and being open to collaborations with sisters also. Together we can achieve our goals more easily. Let’s start moving together. In my crypto classes I don’t only teach- I also give you an opportunity to connect. I find this important.

The aquarian age is here and you want to stop into your power. You want to be part of the group. You have been called here to take part.

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