Face to Face Tarot Card Reading

99.00 CHF

Face to Face Tarot Card Reading

Get maximum insight with a face to face tarot card reading: Personal, direct and with the camera!

Any spread or deck, ask as many questions as you need, including 1 hour live call for evaluation, and picture for you to keep.


  • Direct reading and evaluation of your question. (approx 1 hours)
  • Picture of the spread.
  • Complete privacy.


See the complete description below for more details.

99.00 CHF


Would you like to speak live with me and get a complete reading face to face?

Then this is your choice. We are going to talk live for the evaluation of your cards.

  • I will prepare the spread beforehand and in the talk I am going to go through the pattern step by step, card by card. This will be interactive and you will be able to ask any questions that arise.
  • I chose the pattern for the spread according to my intuition. The spread could contain 3 cards or 12.
  • If you have a preference for a card deck, please let me know.

Please send me your question with this order and add 3 date / time options for a live session. Make sure you include time allocations including GMT indication. For example: Monday 18th June at 18.00 GMT + 3. Please indicate your contact email, a phone number or Skype Name, because I will have to call you up for making the arrangements. Phone call through zoom or Skype.


  • Direct reading and evaluation of your question. (approx 1 hours)
  • Pictures and complete documentation of the spread.
  • Complete privacy


–> Tipp: This same reading is available per email for a lower price.


IMPORTANT: As a Rules Dating Coach, I donΒ΄t offer romantic or dating related readings. I also offer Rules Dating Advice for women who follow the Rules.





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