Face to Face Tarot Card Reading

149.00 CHF

You need answers to your questions!

You need clarity!

You want guidance!


Personal, direct and exclusively for you!

Get maximum insight with a face to face tarot card reading.  I am intuitively using the deck and pattern needed and will lay out the tarot for you. You can ask as many questions as you need. I am at your service for a 1 hour call, helping you to find deeper meaning in a subject that you have chosen.


This product includes:

  • Direct reading and evaluation of your question. (approx 1 hours)
  • Picture of the spread.
  • Complete privacy.


Do you need help with a decision? – Do you want to rethink your current situation?

Then this is your choice. We are going to talk live for the evaluation of your cards.

  • I will prepare the spread beforehand and in the talk I am going to go through the pattern step by step, card by card. This will be interactive and you will be able to ask any questions that arise. Deep insights into your topics usually happen here.
  • I chose the pattern for the spread according to my intuition. The spread could contain between 3 and 12 cards.
  • At the moment I am using the classic Waite Tarot Deck.

Please send me your question with this order and add 3 date / time options for a live session. Make sure you include time allocations including GMT indication. For example: Monday 18th June at 18.00 GMT + 3. Please indicate your contact email, a phone number or Skype Name, because I will have to call you up for making the arrangements. Phone call through Zoom, Skype or Facebook.


  • Direct reading and evaluation of your question. (approx 1 hours)
  • Pictures and complete documentation of the spread.
  • Complete privacy

–> Tipp: This same reading is available per email for a lower price.


As a Rules Dating Coach, I don´t offer romantic or dating related readings. I also offer Rules Dating Advice for women who follow the Rules.

If you wish to book a Dating Consultation , here is what I offer:

a) Relationship analysis per email

b) Relationship analysis according to the Rules: with live phone consultation