Know where you stand with him – Email Consultation

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Know where you stand with him


  • Are you stuck in a relationship that does not seem to head anywhere?
  • Tired of his excuses for not making you a priority?
  • You had enough of “bad” men and always end up with the “wrong” guy?

I have been a Rules Dating Coach for several years now and cultivated the rules for my own dating game. The Rules really changed my game and literally changed my life.

Ever since I knew the rules, I never had to go through heartache again and I came to understand how men actually function.

Men are wired differently and I can help you to understand them better.


What is this product about?

In this email consultation I will analyze your current relationship, let you know what Rules were broken and what the next step is. Once you finished the purchase, you will receive 2 PDFs:

1) One is my personal book reading list with which I have accumulated my knowledge over time. The list contains all my recommendations for the topic and also which YouTube Channels to follow.

2) The second PDF contains a questionnaire which you need to fill and return to me, so I can analyze the relationship.

Once the questionnaire is returned, I will send you back your analysis per email within max 48hours.


->This product includes a follow up email about 2-3 weeks later to ensure you are on the right way.


Consultations are available in English, German or Swedish.

PS: Would prefer to receive a phone call form me instead of an email? Then click here to upgrade your game.

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