Self Worth and Money

It is safe to receive. I am worthy of all my desires.

"Money is in direct proportion to self worth"

Says Joe Vitale –

Actor in the movie “The Secret”, and author of “The Attractor Factor”.

Receiving money is your birthright. Read below how you can change your relationship with money.

You are totally worth it!

Are you surprised that money was going to be the topic here?

If you feel afraid, then that might be a limiting belief you have about money. Are you possibly blocking moneys way to you? Do you love money? Do you love talking about money? Do you agree and do you feel excited? Or are you shocked to read the above? Do you feel embarrassed? If so you might have some money blocks.

I was there too once: Limiting beliefs made me block my money flow for many years. I thought money can only come from one source: from a traditional job.

But, money can come from many different sources. Sometimes money can come for no apparent reason simply because we are worth it!

Receiving is my birthright!

Money is my Birthright - how I brought myself to believe this

There has got to be another way!

I have taken countless courses and during almost 10 years I tried everything to build an online business. It just didn’t work.

Year after year, I did the same thing: I worked for somebody, made alot only to spend it and end up at the same place needing to get just another job. I had enough and I wanted to become financially free.

It all started with me reading books about money and finances in 2018. I made my reading list public and started to look out for other women who were interested in money. 

After having read 45 books, followed Youtubers and speakers.. my path crossed 2 very specific people:

Amanda Frances and Denise Duffield-Thomas.

Denise wrote 2 books for women about self worth and money. Her bestseller book “Get rich lucky bitch” can be bought on Amazon or in your local book shop.

And Amanda? What about Amanda Frances? Wait, it´s coming!

The new feminine money mindset

So, I knew quite a bit but I just couldn’t bring myself to copying others – to copy that male way of doing business.

“There has got to be another way!” I kept saying to myself. And? I can assure you: There is another way!

Amanda Frances takes the feminine approach to money. Most of what I had found out there was masculine and sounded like “struggle”, “work hard” etc. It all sounded a bit sketchy to me and forced. I didn’t want to use “hard” backbreaking techniques.

If you want to know how Amanda helped me to turn my life around there is more on my blog here.

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Get your money mentality makeover!

I have undergone this course myself and I personally recommend it. If you feel called to it, get it from the link below.

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I am a money Magnet

Money is in direct proportion to self worth

"I am a money magnet."

"I deserve the best and I am accepting the best"

" Money is my birthright. I am worthy of massive abundance"

"I love money and money loves me."

"I allow my work to be fun and easy."

"It is safe to receive money."

"I am the queen of my life"

"Making money is fun"

"I am worth it"

There is more where this money is coming from.