Self Worth and Money

It is Safe to Receive

  • Are you surprised that money was going to be the topic here?
  • Do you love money or like talking about money?
  • Are you possibly blocking moneys way to you?

Do you agree or are you shocked to read the above? If you feel afraid or angry, then that might be a limiting belief you have about money. I was there too once: Limiting beliefs made me block my money flow for many years and holding me back from success.

Money can come from many sources and just because you are worth it!

Money is in Direct Proportion to Self Worth - Joe Vitale

The new feminine money mindset

What if I told you that it is easy to make or receive money? It is safe to receive!

During one year, I read books and blogs about money and finance. Listened to countless Finance-Youtubers and Podcasts. I learned that today

  • women are advancing the corporate latter or owning their own businesses, but don´t get paid what they are truly worth
  • and even get ignored when it comes to promotions.
  • are too afraid to look into money matters
  • give away their services for free

Month after month in 2018, I wrote down the books I had read in my free blog. Most of what I had found out there was masculine and sounded like “struggle”, “work hard” etc. It all just seemed sketchy to me and forced.

Much of what I read and heard was very helpful, yet my money still seemed to shrink with every month.

  • Something was still blocking me and holding me back.

I couldn’t quite point my finger at my own problem until I found these 2 ladies: Denise Duffield-Thomas (“Get rich lucky Bitch”) and Amanda Frances.

After having read Denise’s books I moved over to Amanda’s Money Mentality course and set off to an incredible money mindset brainwash! Amanda Frances takes the feminine approach to money.

The result at the end of 2018:

  • 51 books read (updated November 22nd)
  • Credit investments built up
  • Started investing into Cryptocurrency
  • Writing my own book about money

Money is in Direct Proportion to Self Worth - Joe Vitale

I am worthy of all my desires.

I love money and money loves me

"I am a money magnet."

"I deserve the best and I am accepting the best"

" Money is my birthright. I am worthy of massive abundance"

"I love money and money loves me."

"I allow my work to be fun and easy."

"It is safe to receive money."

"I am the queen of my life"

"Making money is fun"

"I am worth it"