If you change the way you look at things, the things you look a change.
Wayne Dyer

Everything is mental - Learning to listen

The universe is always guiding you to where you are supposed to go.

Ever since I started to really listen and to move along this guidance, everything became easier and fell into place. I felt calmer and more confident to follow. It was a lot of work, yes. I won´t deny this. And yes, I have been through the ups and downs like everyone of us. Especially the downs help us develop self mastery and crucial skills needed for a better life.

For me, it was necessary to fall deeply in summer 2016, when I had my back injury. Not only did I have to figure out to arrange my life from an entirely different side, I also had to lie on my back during 3 months in the beginning and learn to walk again.

I made it through, I accepted my disabilities and let the important things come to me:

My spiritual gifts.

Here they are for you: Tarot Cards, Meditation, helping you to follow your calling. My tools help you navigate and help you lead a better life. 

Please do take advantage of my knowledge. I truly mean it.  I´ve got plenty of resources in my link section and in the stories of my Instagram profile, you will get inspirational quotes, videos, insights and discount coupons. Yes my Instagram Followers area truly VIPs! They deserve it just like you.

Once you change - everything changes