Take care of yourself first – nobody else will do it for you!

You need to be on the first place in your life. You need to be your own number one. You are the first one you tend to and only afterwards, once you are ok and satisfied, you are looked after, then you can turn to others. 

What does that mean? 

– Pay yourself first

– Put yourself first always

– Do something for yourself first

– You make sure you are comfortable and safe first

– Exercise your self love every day.

– What do you do only for yourself? Think about this and check what it is 

– You make sure your boundaries are tight, sealed, and thus respected

This is a big one because nobody will thank you for having given the opportunity to disrespect you. Nobody will thank you for your suffering and for accepting disrespect. Read this again. Nobody will thank you for accepting any kind of disrespect or suffering. 

The above mentioned points are important not only for getting rich, but also for elevating your feminine energy. For attracting a good partner, for becoming successful, for leading a good life. I am very sure that you have not heard this for the first time. It is a big topic and it takes time to improve on these points. It is continuous work.

Now how can you start to show yourself you love yourself and put your needs first: 

Get a massage because you take care of your body. You could exercise, go to the gym, sauna, go for a walk in nature. Get new glasses when they are broken. Get a manicure, new shoes and throw away the old ones with holes. More about leveling up by throwing out the broken and old stuff from your house here (LINK) Get the ones you really like, not the best of the bad. Its a terrible habit to browse through the sales rack and take the best of the bad. Horrible! You are doing yourself a big disservice because you are signaling to the universe and the outside that you don’t deserve the good stuff and that you are content with the bad stuff. Also you are showing to the outside that you are a discount. People perceive you in a certain way. If you turn up in broken clothes, with an old handbag and dirty fingernails, yes even if you are a beautiful girl, you will be treated accordingly. 

Whatever style and taste is, it shows how you treat yourself. Now, you don’t need to look like a prostitute… but look decent, look sweet, clean feminine, look taken care of whenever you can. Don’t go outside of the house in trainers, crocks and with a bun please. Not even to the shop around the corner. Remember you will always get treated the way you present yourself to the outside. 

So, what can you work on now, if we want to elevate yourself on these topics? Remember: all is connected and you cannot get rich if you don’t love yourself, if you don’t treat yourself and your body like the number one. 

Sheraseven1 channel about women, self-respect, relationships, dating and levelling up 

– Larissa Renar book and procedures. She has a Youtube Channel and some translations into english.

– Any kind of spiritual practice, intuitive practices connecting to yourself.

– Unblocking chakras: search for meditations on Youtube, especially for root and sacral chakra meditations. 

– Dance

– Take baths: this is important because water is the container for feelings! Women today are too much in doing and thinking rationally because we are working and taking care of your finances ourselves. But this is not the feminine essence to operate like a man. We are women!

– And last but not least: Hug yourself sometimes! We are about being, about intuition, letting the things come. 

I am sure you can come up with more things to enhance your self love and to treat yourself well. Do something for yourself every day. You are your number one! 

I suggest also seminars especially for feminine energy. There are many women out there who are doing outstanding work. Natalia Kobilkyna, Larisa Renar, Denise Duffield-Thomas, Gabrielle Bernstein, etc… They all have different approaches and if you make some research and listen to them you will find the one you want to start from. 

When you love ourself these things are normal and easy and you already do many things of this list. It is a process I which we keep evolving throughout our life. In that case I would be happy to hear your story and your steps towards the high road of self love. 

Rememember: Money Is in direct proportion to your self love.