The difference between a poor and a rich lifestyle

Before 2018 I had money occasionally but I had no assets. I didn’t even know what an asset was. My mind was focussed around income, earning, saving, hourly rates and such. That is pretty much an employees mindset.

The secret though, said Einstein, apparently lies in understanding the income tax. You can own, but you cannot earn. At least not too much. In Switzerland. And also in many other places. Income is highly taxed. Debt and assets have lower taxation.

So before I got into investing, finance, and learning about money I was focussed on:

-saving in a bank account

-earning, thinking about how to earn more

-spending less

-saying “I can’t afford this”

-listening to music or irrelevant stuff all day long

-wanting to “make it on my own”

-always cooked for myself thinking “i can’t afford restaurants”

-tried to get along with everybody

-wasted time with people I didn’t find supportive, interesting or on the same wavelength

-I bought low quality stuff, happy not to spend much at a time but having to repurchase soon again

-spending money on one time experiences (airplane tickets for example)

– I didn’t have a plan, only endless to do lists

Now in my new life I think totally differently. Here is the new list

-I am always looking for new places to eat out and go for drinks because the vibration and the experience it gives me elevates me and because I can meet interesting people there.

-I have a very clear schedule of my day and week

– have clear goals and visions on where I want to be in a year and a few years

-I have weekly and monthly goals which I keep updating

-I have a 3 hour morning routine

-Constantly learning new things

-I have discipline around my eating habits

-I go to the gym several times a week

-I have an entire team of people who help me improve: A physio, a masseuse, several coaches, a personal trainer, etc.

-I look for ways to meet other financially literate people

-I only buy high quality garments, shoes and items.

-I am looking for more ways to dress up and have upgraded my wardrobe big time

-I look for ways to expand my support: connect to accountants, lawyers, invest in premium legal advice, upgrade my insurance, join financial memberships etc..

-I am surrounding myself with financially literate people – through co-workings , memberships, clubs and activities

-I am spending most money and time on personal development, courses, coaches, books, podcasts

-I spend more time with people and activities I really care about.

As you can see it is not only about money per se, it is a totally new lifestyle. Being rich, or let’s say wealthy, requires much than just more income or owning a chunk of money in the bank. It is a mindset and lifestyle. Making money and keeping money are two different things and both require an increase in personal development. It requires discipline and work. It is not by accident.

What can you do now? How can you improve?

1 Check which points above you already do better and which could be improved?

2 Get my free exercises and start to study with books and podcasts

3 Get my Love your Money Love Yourself book here

4 Get my love your money love yourself course here

5 Learn crypto together with me and start building your portfolio

Remember rich people:

-Cooperate. They are always on the look out for the next deal and cooperation.

-Plan their future

-Keep their promises

-Love themselves and their body

-always find ways to improve themselves

-are on time and manage their time well

-manage their money, always know exactly where their money is, how much is coming in and going out and know how much and what things cost

-always find ways to level up

-surround themselves with likeminded people and look for cooperations and deals with them

-understand the difference of feeling rich or poor and how they can feel rich

-understand what value really is

-focus on the value of something and what frequency they can experience 

-focus on which instruments and tools can help them to stay on an elevated frequency or lift hem up higher

How do you transition to the rich side?

It takes time and serious work on yourself. Are you willing to do that? Then start improving the above points as a first step. If you want to go further, how about we help you move towards a more abundant future in my financial future kickstart course? 

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