The joy of giving a gift

Today I would like to talk about giving. 5 years ago I did a 21 day challenge for myself. I tried to give something to somebody for 21 consecutive days.

“Give and yo will be given”

Do you know this quote? I was wondering if that was really true so I went on this 21 day challenge giving every day.

The first days turned out to be really difficult. People didn’t want to accept my gifts. The little boy on the street didn’t like the crisps I offered. My friends didn’t want the free book I wanted to give to them. Another friend didn’t want to be invited for dinner or coffee.

Also, it was a challenge to find places to donate unless in direct contact. Luckily though, I found collection boxes at supermarkets or random small businesses. Do you know these cardboard boxes where you can put spare change? Those saved my challenge. It as a good start for me as there I could always just drop a few cents. I was living in Greece that time. By going to the shop every day I could at least be sure I could donate something every day. That is how I managed to keep the giving for 21 days.

But what really shocked me was that people would reject. What? How dare you to reject my gift? I was never aware of this before and got angry.

I like to compare this to the universal laws. If we reject the gift we are telling the universe that we don’t want anything and that we don’t feel we are worthy to receive it. And before you know the universe will comply with that belief and stop giving anything. If you don’t think you are worthy of a gift, then you will get less and less. But who in the world would want to get less and less?

Despite these struggles, I did manage to find ways to give for 21 consecutive days. I made it and it taught me a good lesson. I give because I like to give and from my heart. It is actually fun to give, it gives me so much joy. No matter how small the gift is. It gives me so much joy. I came to understand that it elevates the energy of the giver.

Now imagine, your gift is not received. It is rejected. That happened to me. For example I would try to treat my friend to a coffee and she would deny me paying. It made me feel very bad. It is something I will never understand. Now I understand what it did to me and that is the lesson for myself. Rejecting a gift deprives the giver of the joy. Do I have the right to do that..? Do I make myself hurt by not accepting?

Giving is such a joyful thing, it makes me happy. It makes the giver happy and elevate his or her energy. The same energy is coming to us when somebody gives us something. I will never reject a gift ever again.

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