What it takes to LEVEL UP your finances

Welcome! Are you here because you want to get rich fast, right? Then this is the wrong place. There is no get rich quick scheme. No matter how loud these influencers online scream and how trustworthy they seem. But what does it take to get richer, to move up to a new level of financial abundance? I came to the conclusion that there are levels we need to climb. I speak more about these levels in detail in another post and in my coming course you will learn how to move up the levels.

But let’s start from the beginning. I will go through a few points with you which you can implement right now and that will help you get your finances together.

To start the process, I did the following:

1. Education, Education, Education

Those who know me realise: First you need to start with educating yourself. As much as you hate to hear it. No knowledge comes without hearing or reading information. 

Some resources for you: 

  1. Youtube Channels: Link to my Youtube Playlist 

This is only a small selection to start from. If you watch the “Hidden secrets of money” you will already have a huge advantage to most people in the world. Chose whichever feels good to you. My inner circle gets much more in dept information and special hints and tricks from me. 

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2. Courses:

I highly recommend Natalia Kobylkinas Money Marathon. I created a playlist here for you to get a gist of her knowledge about money.

3. Books:

Download a free list of all the finance books I read since the beginning of my money journey 2018 (Direct download)

Whichever medium is yours, you WILL find the right people and information to follow. If you prefer Instagram, there are plenty of people on there. If you prefer Youtube: that is the worlds second largest search engine with uploads over 300 hours of video per minute. (source) 

I personally use a mix of all the tools.

2. Surround Yourself with likeminded people

We can either try to meet them or try to be a little closer to them. Start by getting closer to them. Some ideas:

  1. Go to finance and investment fairs
  2. Go to auctions
  3. Join clubs for a variety of topics having to do with entrepreneurship, investments, numismatics, art, yacht club, debate club, etc
  4. Joining courses and chat groups of like minded people can also give you some (limited) new contacts. 
  5. Sign up to our awesome aquarian age women group here. 

3. Clean out negative beliefs

This one is a biggie and can take several years. You might have done all the above already, but you are still stuck? Could it be that you have limiting beliefs about money? 

These tips are ESPECIALLY for women:

4. Start taking action

This one is scary in the beginning, but if you follow steps 1 to 3 you will soon be comfortable to take action towards investing. I am not a financial advisor, I can only speak of my own experience:

I started really small. With 100EUR during a time I had no clue about investing and didn’t have passive income streams. That is the best time to start because the motivation is high to know what is happening. How about you find a mentor or somebody who knows much more about these things already?

Find out here how I started and set off on my amazing transformation. In my book I am showing you how just one single action every day changed my finances for good.

5. Build your team

I am going to tell you a secret:  To truly level up we got to have a team around us with which we work together. 

Look at millionaires. Why are they rich? Because they are working together with others. They are teaming up and helping each other. Thanks to their cooperation, they get wealthier and wealthier. Which again, attracts even better contacts and cooperation to other millionaires. And so on. 

What I noticed for myself also is the following: 

The more money I had, the more tools I was able to afford. These tools then again help you grow more money and they help you to collaborate with others even better. This will then attract more tools and more helpful people into your life. Which again, help you to achieve even greater financial success because it gives you access to the right information and connections. 

This is the entire secret. The better your team, the better you will do. Looking back now I feel very wealthy, because I have the support and the access to more financial and legal information.  

To level up into the next sphere: 

  • get an accountant
  • get that cleaning lady (if that is what you really want) 
  • find lawyers who help you
  • legal advice insurance or team
  • get an employee: a writer, social media person, … whatever helps you to do your job more efficiently and use your free time better. 
  • join financial newsletters (even paid ones) and paid finance groups

Worried about the cost? Get one by one as soon as you have the money, not before (no financial advice, use your brain please) and remember: 

You cannot afford NOT to get full support girl! 

6 Start giving

If you have read my book you will already have great skills. If not, grab it here or get the free short version of it by subscribing to my newsletter.

There are universal laws at work. For every income you make, give a part back. Not because I say so but because you know you are now in the ability to do so. This boosts your energy again. Read more about my first attempts to donations here about 2 years^ ago: Find out how to do so!

Start taking action even if you feel that you are not “ready”.